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Eyes are often described as the windows of the soul and it can be disheartening when wrinkles – or smile lines as we like to call them – appear as early as our twenties. My anti-ageing products help to rejuvenate and plump your skin and restore its youthful appearance.
The skin around the eyes is very thin and has no oil glands, which explains why this area tends to age faster. The eyes are also affected by constant movement and exposure to harsh sunlight, which all combine to drain the skin of its moisture.
Smokers also tend to develop wrinkles earlier than non-smokers due to the way that cigarette smoke depletes oxygen levels in the skin, resulting in faster ageing.
My tips for improving the appearance of wrinkles

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Follow these simple steps to help slow down the ageing process:

• Use Crystal Clear Protect & Repair UVA/UVB 40 to protect against the damaging effect of UVA/B
• Apply Crystal Clear Roll Away the Years under the eyes twice daily to help plump and firm delicate skin
• Crystal Clear Wrinkle Erase Pads are perfect for draining and firming the delicate under eye area. Also use on the eyelid for instant firming
• Drink more water – dehydration is one of the reasons behind the formation of wrinkles and water helps moisturise your skin
• Quit smoking as it removes oxygen in the skin cells causing premature ageing
• Wear sunglasses in harsh sunlight as regular exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause wrinkles around the eyes
• Get a good night’s sleep and give your skin a chance to repair

Dark circles and puffy eyes?

There are lots of reasons why we get dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, such as heredity, lack of sleep and the natural ageing process. To help tackle this problem I created products that reduce puffiness and rejuvenate the delicate skin around your eye area.
If your GP has ruled out any medical reason for the dark circles they could simply be the result of ageing. The ageing process, and damage from the sun, can make the skin look thin. The veins underneath then appear more prominent, which makes these areas look dark. Ageing and fluid retention are common causes of swelling under your eyes.
The tissue that supports the muscles around your eyes also weaken with age. And as this happens, skin, fat and other body fluids can gather and add to the puffy appearance.

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Fluid retention
which occurs when fluid is not properly removed from body tissues – can be triggered by changes in the weather, menstrual cycle hormone changes, allergies, dermatitis and insufficient water intake.

The result is puffiness and the skin losing its elasticity with age.

My tips for improving the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes

• Always use an SPF such as Crystal Clear Protect & Repair to help protect the delicate skin under the eye
• Use Crystal Clear Illuminate as it’s perfect for eliminating dark uneven skin tone
• Use Crystal Clear Roll Away the Years eye serum daily. The roller ball applicator cools the skin and helps with lymphatic drainage
• Try Crystal Clear Wrinkle Erase Pads as they provide a drainage effect, reducing puffiness and improving dark circles while making the whole eye area look more rejuvenated
• Not getting enough sleep can make the under eye area look swollen and dark. Try sleeping propped up to avoid fluid accumulating under the eye

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