Going grey is still seen as a beauty taboo!

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March 12, 2015
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March 13, 2015

Going grey is still seen as a beauty taboo!

But what if this give away sign of ageing no longer existed?Almost everyone will go grey, its just a question of when?

The fact is that going grey is the ultimate beauty taboo and because most people refuse to freely embrace it we’ve totally ¬†lost sight of what is normal and natural.

You’ll often see your first grey hair before your first wrinkle so, for most its the first time that they’re confronted with their own mortality.

For women, going grey represents not just the loss of youth, but also the loss of fertility. Historically, once you were grey you were no longer sexually attractive and were past your reproductive years, so from an evolutionary perspective, redundant!

As with many things its different for men. A greying man has salt and pepper hair and ultimately becomes a silver fox!!

Yet a greying woman has let herself go!!

Greying is an inherited trait, so you best guide is you parents. If they showed silver streaks early on, chances are you will too.

Its thought that damage from environmental pressures such as smoking, UV light, pollution and stress can induce oxidative damage thereby triggering the destruction of the colour producing cells in the hair follicle.

There are so many genes, enzymes and environmental factors involved that its very difficult to pinpoint the one thing that’s most important.

B vitamins could help. We know that stress uses up vitamin B and some studies have shown that certain B vitamins taken in large doses can begin to reverse the process of greying

As a result many supplements marketed as anti grey are simply multi vitamins with a very high doses of B vitamins

Sadly its not quite as simple as popping a pill though, as there is no single reason why hair goes grey.

The best preventative measures you can take are to ensure you have a balanced diet that’s rich in antioxidants and not deficient in vitamin B, avoid cigarettes and as far as possible other environmental pollutants and if your’re not prepared to go grey gracefully, keep the number of a genius colourist on speed dial!!

Oh and don’t panic when you find you first one, its really not the end of the world.

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